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In praise of the study event

This post is aimed at those students who are still to attend a study event – those of you who already have will already understand the benefits. As tutors we always advocate visiting exhibitions, performances, readings, recitals, any event where there is potential for you to be presented with something new. Only by experiencing the […]

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Study event review: Brighton – Day 3

Day three begins bright and early(ish) with a chilly introduction to tutor Les Monaghan’s commission for Brighton Photo Fringe, the parallel biennial to the Biennial.

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Refugee week: 18-24 June

The idea that pointing your camera at things that are not part of your experience can only be tourism is also problematic – if you have privilege why not use that to highlight those less fortunate?

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Relative Poverty

Relative Poverty would be stories – based in fact, as we understand documentaries to be – and the intent was overt; to show the lives lived in as much detail as it takes to overcome the naysayers. A tall order I know.

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Photography Matters iii

The Photography Matters symposium is almost upon us and those who have booked and those yet to commit here’s an insight into what you can expect on the day.

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Photography Matters ii

Here are some thoughts on how the Photography Matters symposium came to be. I think the doubts and fears, and above all the questions I have, and have had, around the medium may be familiar to many of you. Photography Matters is intended to be read two ways; matters pertaining to photography, and as a statement affirming that photography matters to us all.

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