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Exploring the Pastoral thumb

Exploring the Pastoral

I was thrilled to be in Sheffield earlier this week hanging my work at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. I have been working on Elementary Husbandry for several years, beginning shortly after I relocated to the rural Mendip Hills in Somerset from living in the city…

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New Pastoral Paradigms, Sheffield thumb

New Pastoral Paradigms, Sheffield

How can we use visual representations of place to explore and express how we feel – not just about the place itself, but about  different things entirely? And in approaching place this way, are we distracting the viewer from learning about the topography, people and events depicted within the image? And what about drawing on other […]

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Strategies thumb


My impression of this year’s Rencrontres photography festival at Arles was a little mixed, not least because there was no conspicuous theme to unite the exhibitions and practitioners as has been the case in previous years. Further more, this year there weren’t even the familiar iconic animals across the festival’s branding, which threw me a […]

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Shooting Strangers thumb

Shooting Strangers

For many people, approaching strangers isn’t easy, and for those of us who are prone to feel a little self conscious with a camera in our hands it can be even more of a challenge.

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The Smaller Pictures: In Praise of the Artist’s Talk thumb

The Smaller Pictures: In Praise of the Artist’s Talk

Last Saturday a group of students and I were treated to the best part of a day with photographer Jem Southam. He talked about his career and his practice and also spent some time looking at students’ projects and portfolios.

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Ragnar Kjartansson's 'Visitors' – my highlight of 2014 thumb

Ragnar Kjartansson's 'Visitors' – my highlight of 2014

During November’s study visit to the Artes Mundi festival in Cardiff I was fortunate enough to experience Ragnar Kjartansson’s nine screen video installation at Turner House Gallery in Penarth. You can watch a video of Kjartansson discussing the work here. Anyone fammiliar with the Vicorian gallery would be impressed by the transformation of the space, […]

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No More Swans! An A-Z of photography cliches thumb

No More Swans! An A-Z of photography cliches

Before I begin, I appreciate that this post may well get some readers a little agitated so I want to make it quite clear that it is borne out of genuine curiosity rather than (complete) arrogance. I haven’t been an OCA Photography assessor for as long as some of my colleagues,  but over the past […]

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Depart thumb


Depart was made in the wake of my grandmother’s death in 2012, which was almost a year after my grandfather’s…

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Richard Mosse thumb

Richard Mosse

For the Deutsche Borse this year I’m rooting for Richard Mosse’s project ‘Infra’…

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Where's the colour in black and white? thumb

Where's the colour in black and white?

One Sunday afternoon around the time I was first getting into photography, I took set of black and white 10” x 8” black and white photographs, which I had laboriously printed in the darkroom at a community arts space, to show off to my grandparents. I was proud with what I had achieved, although I’m […]

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