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James Hunting, Author at The Open College of the Arts
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James Hunting

Why Nostalgia makes me weep thumb

Why Nostalgia makes me weep

There is an insidious, pernicious wave present in the textile world, promoted by the whole ‘make do and mend’, ‘vintage’(whatever that may mean) and ‘crafty’ miasma, brought on by a wave of cupcakes and tea from the craft cafes popping up on the trendy high streets of Britain. This all sets my teeth on edge, […]

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Is textiles an art or a craft? thumb

Is textiles an art or a craft?

What is a craft? What we should be asking is; what is a person who uses craft to make work? A Craftsperson is, for me, a practitioner who displays an understanding of their chosen materials, and an understanding of the traditions that have gone before, it is not a term used automatically with terms such […]

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Process within practice: a study visit thumb

Process within practice: a study visit

The next study visit on offer is to two exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  This will take place on Friday 21 September 2012 at 11.30. Amongst the many differing approaches within textile art, I feel there is one that stands out as having a major influence, in particular on outcomes. I am talking about […]

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Introducing James thumb

Introducing James

James Hunting is our new Curriculum Leader for the Textiles programme at OCA. We are delighted to have him join the team. James introduces himself here, and will be a regular blogger for us. I graduated from Goldsmiths College in 1986, with a degree in textiles (embroidery). I then spent twenty years as a free […]

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