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Some like it hot, part:i thumb

Some like it hot, part:i

The razzmatazz of celebrity endorsements that marked the last days of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign has led me to wonder this morning which performer Donald Trump will now appoint to sing at his inauguration in December. Whoever it is, their performance is unlikely to surpass Marilyn Monroe’s notoriously suggestive rendition of Happy Birthday, which she sang to her lover Jack Kennedy in 1962.

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Waiting for the Macaws thumb

Waiting for the Macaws

At the opening of the new extension to Tate Modern there was a small notice next to one of the exhibits. ‘Due to expected visitor numbers’, it read, ‘the macaws have temporarily been returned to their owners.’ Given the quality of the other works on show, it is unlikely that this caused much disappointment to visitors…

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Sugar and spice thumb

Sugar and spice

Last week I took a couple of days off to walk down the Thames from Windsor Castle to Hampton Court in order to visit the palaces. My excuse was that I had been working over the previous few weekends and that I wanted to brush up on my knowledge of Tudor and Stuart paintings while getting a bit of spring sunshine.

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In search of a three-point plug? thumb

In search of a three-point plug?

What’s not to like about the exhibition, Electronic Superhighway, at the Whitechapel Gallery? Despite the slight frustration of finding that this survey from 1966 – 2016 is laid out in reverse, this is the most impressive exhibition about art and new technology in years.

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Study Visit: Nikolai Astrup thumb

Study Visit: Nikolai Astrup

Join OCA tutor Gerald Deslandes at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London on the 2 April. We will visit the work of painter and printmaker Nikolai Astrup.

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What lies beneath thumb

What lies beneath

Having moved to London a year ago, I am still revelling in the opportunity to compare and contrast a huge number of exhibitions that are available in the capital. For example, last weekend I accompanied an OCA group on a study day to the Hoyland exhibition at the Damien Hirst Gallery and the Auerbach at Tate Britain. This week I was reminded of our visit when I was looking at one of the permanent displays, Making Traces, at Tate Modern.

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Study Visit: Hoyland & Auerbach thumb

Study Visit: Hoyland & Auerbach

Join Gerald in London on the 16 January 2016 for a double study visit.

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Tate Modern and the Science Museum Go Martian thumb

Tate Modern and the Science Museum Go Martian

This month Tate Modern and the Science Museum present two contrasting visions of the sixties: the first inspired by the spread of pop imagery, particularly in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, and the second by the involvement of the former Soviet Union in the space race.

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Putting the Rabbit in the Hat thumb

Putting the Rabbit in the Hat

Gerald reviews the touring Arts Council exhibition Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977–1986.

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