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Emma Drye

Jenny Hart's hairdryers thumb

Jenny Hart's hairdryers

Emma looks at Jenny’s blindfold drawings.

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Your very first assignment – what to send to your tutor thumb

Your very first assignment – what to send to your tutor

I have had two queries recently from Drawing 1 students asking what and how much to send me as their tutor. There are rarely yes / no answers in Higher Education. A question is almost always answered by another set of questions, or seen as a way to frame further enquiry.

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Degree or not Degree – that is the question thumb

Degree or not Degree – that is the question

OCA tutors are required to adhere to an agreed process for ensuring that they provide essential parity at key points in a students journey. One aspect of this is the pre written statement which gives the student an indicator of how things are progressing with regards to development towards an assessed outcome.

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A drawing visited thumb

A drawing visited

In today’s blog, I would like to take the opportunity to showcase a drawing by a drawing 1 student, Melinda Winter, submitted as part of her first assignment.

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Christopher Orr thumb

Christopher Orr

Over my time as a tutor for the OCA I have noticed that figurative painting is a real draw to a significant number of students starting out. For many it turns out, as they move through their studies, that actual figuration is not really where their interest lie, but rather in the human condition more broadly, and themes develop which are better served in other ways.

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Mike Nelson thumb

Mike Nelson

As the first few students step across into the professional practice course at level 3, I thought it might be interesting to blog about exhibitions from that perspective from time to time. How was the exhibition conceived and carried out?

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Where do you make your art work? thumb

Where do you make your art work?

Making art work can be a fragile enough thing that needing to get something out or pack something away can be enough to destroy it. For some people, walking or being somewhere else is key to unlocking creative thinking, and so too can a degree of displacement and foreignness be exhilarating and inspiring, but for most people ‘a room of one’s own’ is still a basic requirement.

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Her Master's Voice thumb

Her Master's Voice

The ethics of asking people to work with you or for you without pay are fraught but often these are the jobs that turn out to be the most rewarding, and with care it is possible to glean some amazing experiences from working in this way.

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The Woon Prize thumb

The Woon Prize

As a student, it is important that you have a sense of the nature of the course you are studying and where it is potentially leading you.

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Waiting for the Great Leap Forward thumb

Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

‘Assessment blight’ is a real and present danger for all students but for many students though assessment is, and should be, a fantastic learning opportunity. It is a point of punctuation, a nudge to pull your thinking together and gain some perspective and clarity.

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