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Emma Drye

Strange fruit thumb

Strange fruit

Many of the projects and exercises in the visual arts courses with the OCA leave a great deal of room for you to experiment and develop your own responses to the issue of subject matter…

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Luc Tuymans thumb

Luc Tuymans

Luc Tuymans is one of the most well known artists working today and someone often cited by OCA painting students as being influential on their own developing practice. I had the opportunity recently to hear him speak about his work and process recently and wanted to share something of that experience with you here.

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Study Visit: The British Art Show thumb

Study Visit: The British Art Show

The British Art Show is widely recognised as the most ambitious and influential exhibition of contemporary British art, with artists chosen for their significant contribution over the past five years and we plan to host a study day at each venue.

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An Invigilator’s Lot thumb

An Invigilator’s Lot

I spent two weeks recently invigilating art exhibitions across multiple sites. I realised that I never spend more than a few minutes in front of any one art work – even something I really love. By spending 4 hours or more with one piece, I gave myself time to clear my mind and drop down into a more conducive state of receptivity.

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Study Visit: Phyllida Barlow – Set thumb

Study Visit: Phyllida Barlow – Set

Join Emma on the 26 September at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh.

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Circles of Focus thumb

Circles of Focus

Christine Borland’s career has seen her work move increasingly towards the medical profession and she has developed a way of interacting as an artist within this professional culture which I find fascinating. I know that many of our students combine work and OCA study. Is anybody making art work about their other professional sphere?

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Gael Fisher – Loud and Clear thumb

Gael Fisher – Loud and Clear

Gael Fisher’s first assignment submission for Exploring Concepts was an explosion of personality and energy that filled up my office and took over. It’s quite rare to find someone whose personal voice is so loud and clear that it simply spills off the page like a force of nature.

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Degree Show Season is Upon Us thumb

Degree Show Season is Upon Us

The degree show season is upon us. I would hope that, at the very least, all OCA level 3 students will be taking time to visit or look on line at degree shows across the UK.

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Navigating the Art World thumb

Navigating the Art World

I wrote a recent blog aimed specifically at students sending in their first ever assignment, and today I am writing about something of interest to students packing up their work for their final assessment or who have just graduated.

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PINK thumb


I am delighted to have been given permission by Sarah to share her powerful video which uses the word pink and was made as part of an assignment two submission for the mixed media course.

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