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Emma Drye

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“The journal Urania is somehow poly-vocal. Urania ran from 1915 until 1940 and it was the first British magazine to produce a cultural and political discourse on gender issues and the demands of lesbian and gay individuals and communities. The name refers to a specific idea of Utopia, as a place where the categories of ‘male’ and ‘female’ do not exist.”

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Message to drawing and painting pathway undergraduates thumb

Message to drawing and painting pathway undergraduates

Hello – I’m Emma Drye and I’m the new programme leader for both the drawing and the painting pathways. For everyone on those pathways, I wanted to write to you to introduce myself and some of my ideas.

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Study visit review: Kathe Kollwitz thumb

Study visit review: Kathe Kollwitz

The exhibition as a whole enabled us to see a range of work from the strongly contrasting lino cuts to the super fine cobwebbby weave of some of the lithograph work which had been even further smoothed over and refined with sandpaper and crayon.

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Exploring Drawing Media thumb

Exploring Drawing Media

I am very pleased to announce that the new drawing HE4 course, Exploring Drawing Media, is now available for students at level one . The course is part of a fantastic drawing degree pathway being developed by programme leader Doug Burton and his team. Having written for HE5 and 6 (levels two and three) I was so pleased to be able to write this course for the Open College of the Arts.

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Study visit review: Rauschenberg thumb

Study visit review: Rauschenberg

I hope many more students will find their way to the show over the next few months. It is a great show to experience as an undergraduate, or as an artist generally as it is a reminder to have a blast and go for it.

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Are you ready for the work of Monica Bonvicini? thumb

Are you ready for the work of Monica Bonvicini?

Join OCA tutor Emma Drye on the 21 January in Gateshead.

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Favouring the bold thumb

Favouring the bold

Abstraction appeared to be taken at face value and enjoyed, rather than seen as evidence of under developed motor skills. As an assessor of undergraduates I felt that I would have selected the same work myself and so I was drawn to look at the assessment criteria used by the panel.

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Etch a sketch project thumb

Etch a sketch project

One of my HE6 students is a keen ideas person who finds thinking through making very enjoyable and is always experimenting with new and unusual materials and processes. She is currently ‘toying’ (pun intended) with making work using the excellent etch a sketch as a medium and has asked me to forward this message from her to see if she can make a collaborative preliminary work that will then be mediated through a secondary process to create one very complex drawing.

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You're an Eee Aye Dee Ot Babe…. thumb

You're an Eee Aye Dee Ot Babe….

I went to the kind of school where you could give up history early on to concentrate on your sewing. My conceptualisation of history is roughly ‘Vikings, the Bayeux Tapestry, Henry VIII and WW2’. The near complete absence of women in the world, not to mention the absence of most of the world according to the history I was taught left me distrustful of it at an early age.

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