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It started with a tombola… thumb

It started with a tombola…

The story of how a win at the tombola led to a student get together…

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The art of story telling thumb

The art of story telling

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.   Once upon a time, 20 photography students, two tutors and two mysterious strangers met in the north of the country…. These films show Peter Rudge from Duckrabbit discussing the art of storytelling at the OCA student […]

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The Last Supper thumb

The Last Supper

On entering the dimly-lit gallery my first impression was the sound of a voice reading out a list of meals. Straightforward food: steak, or chicken, or hamburger and trimmings and apple pie. After each meal the voice called out a name, and a date, and a place. The places were US prisons, and I realised […]

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Murmuration thumb


Last Thursday I made my way through dark rain-soaked London to see a most inspiring exhibition: ‘Murmuration’: an installation at the Black Rat Gallery by artist Swoon. Swoon aims to make art that speaks to people in a direct way, interacting with how we live in the real world. Much of her work involves pasting […]

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