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Daniel Tollady

Drawing Invisible Cities: A Close-Reading and Drawing Workshop

Using selected extracts from Italo Calvino’s book ‘Invisible Cities’, on Wednesday 23 March I held a drawing and close-reading workshop to explore his writing and create a series of speculative drawings that imagine the cities he describes.

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Thinking about making and physical objects

It’s important for us, as designers of space, to consider our projects three-dimensionally; to consider how our designed components come together to function spatially. A crucial method of exploring this is through the production of models and the assemblage of physical objects.

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Thinking about drawing space

Drawing (the act of) is a vital tool that helps us as artists and designers to think, to test and explore our thoughts and ideas, and to visually and critically analyse the development of our work. Therefore drawing, and drawings, are about describing and conveying important information.

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Culinary tools and notational drawing / Eating space and drawing eating

There is value in exploring food within interior design because we can use this to engage our audiences and help them to understand our design intentions. Food isn’t the only thing that we all have in common, but it is a universal language of ingredients, processes and tools that we can all understand.

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