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Audrey Bardwell

The ergonomics of interiors

Now a lot of times, when we say the word ergonomics, we might think of funky looking desk chairs or computer equipment belonging to someone who takes their job very seriously.  But for an interior designer, ergonomics needs to mean so much more than that. 

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The Section Drawing: Communicating Experience

When people think of interior design or architecture drawings, usually floor plans come to everyone’s mind first. However, a designer will quickly understand that a section drawing, that is a vertical slice through a building, space, object, etc., is the one that allows you to understand and test the experience of a design more effectively. […]

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How do we start designing for what isn’t visible?

How do we start designing for what isn’t visible?  Interior design as an industry is notorious for not providing fully-considered spaces for individuals with disabilities. Spaces may be compliant with regulations, but it might be that ramps aren’t conveniently located or even that only a ramp is provided when some people with disabilities are actually […]

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Interior Design in a post-COVID-19 world

Perspex partitions have become the new normal in the last few months. So have big stickers on the floor set 2 metres apart. And ‘home’ has become the most dominant space in our lives. While there have already been a number of articles about the economic impact COVID-19 is having on the interior design industry […]

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