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Andrew Fitzgibbon, Author at The Open College of the Arts
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Andrew Fitzgibbon

Exhibition in situ – Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool thumb

Exhibition in situ – Drifting by the Leeds & Liverpool

As well as presenting my exhibition, I look back near the end of my OCA time, after years of assignments and assessments, highs and lows, applause and disinterest, and ask was it worth it? I suspect the percentage of those starting that finish is small – a flip-side of open access and the many obstacles life can throw during years of part-time study. Though, I of course was hoping for more than an endurance test and good fortune! 

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Researching the photography industry – the blogger thumb

Researching the photography industry – the blogger

As a mature photography student, after lifetime of working, the thought of finding work experience as part of my SYP course felt uncomfortable. That is not to say that it wouldn’t have been helpful, but I think of it as something for young who have never experienced the workplace, let alone a multitude of them. Fortunately, the OCA foresee this predicament and offer a research-based alternative that must include discussion with a practitioner in a chosen area. In this post, I share my pseudo-work experience.

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Short Film Collaboration – a painter and photographer talk thumb

Short Film Collaboration – a painter and photographer talk

Andrew Fitzgibbon (photography level 3) and Paul Butterworth (painting level 2) met up to discuss their recent collaboration on Andrew’s short film, Leeds and Liverpool. Paul, who is a professional actor, liked the idea of swapping modelling for some headshots and posted his suggestion on OCA Discuss. Andrew was near completing his BoW project and […]

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Study event: OCA North thumb

Study event: OCA North

Join Andrew Conroy, a photographer, semiotician and OCA tutor on the 10 November in Halifax.

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Impressions gallery visit & portfolio review thumb

Impressions gallery visit & portfolio review

There is a fantastic opportunity for a limited number of students to enjoy a curator hosted visit to Chloe Dewe Mathew’s In Search of Frankenstein exhibition, find out more about how a leading photography gallery works with artists, and receive feedback on their own work as part of a group portfolio review session lead by Anne McNeill and Dr Pippa Oldfield from Impressions.

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Slow down: Re-approaching Photography thumb

Slow down: Re-approaching Photography

Re-approaching Photography is broadly interested in slowing down the process of looking at photographs. Making sense of a photograph is often seen as an ‘obvious’ and instinctive activity, but the course takes as its starting point the fact that even the most apparently straightforward of images can be more complex than might be assumed.

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Fluid Pictures thumb

Fluid Pictures

In a 2002 interview featuring several eerily prescient observations concerning the future of the record business, David Bowie noted that music was ‘going to become like running water or electricity’. Almost chilly in its matter-of-factness, this was a vision of a digital future where music would exist as a taken for granted utility that listeners […]

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Trusting the Unknown thumb

Trusting the Unknown

Tom Stayte is a photographer who has seemed to realise that digital culture has triggered enough of an avalanche of images without him needing to add to the pile. With the internet now less something that we use than live, it’s curious to look back from the privileged viewing position of the here-and-now at the way ‘cyberspace’ was thought about a couple of decades ago.

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That uncertain feeling thumb

That uncertain feeling

Stepping back from the seemingly endless noise of uncertainty, misinformation, myth and downright fibs about who, what, where and when someone is permitted to photograph, it’s very difficult to get away from the thought that lots of photographers would be more likely to leave certain pictures untaken than risk being questioned, challenged, stared at, filmed, […]

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So farewell then, Ray Manzarek thumb

So farewell then, Ray Manzarek

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.   Sometimes an introduction becomes as famous as the piece that follows. The dramatic chords at the beginning of Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto in Bb minor are instantly recognisable in their own right, even though their principal purpose […]

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