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Alice Morris

Fiona Tracey

OCA tutor and assessor Bryan Eccleshall looks at the work of Fiona Tracey. He examines how she uses mindmaps of images drawn and collated to relate things together.

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Using thumbnails and drawings to visualise ideas

OCA tutors and assessors Christian Lloyd and Beth Dawson look at the work of OCA students who use thumbnail sketches and drawings as a way to figure out composition and communicate specific ideas.

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Averil Wootton

OCA tutor and Assessor Michele Whiting looks at the work of Painting 3 student Averil Wooton. Averil is not trying to hide the materiality of what she is working on, leaving the folds and the creases in the paper. She isn’t trying to make them anything other than what they are.

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Denise McHale

OCA tutor and assessor Doug Burton looks at the work of Printmaking student Denise McHale. Doug highlights how she uses her workbooks – termed so because she’s brought together very different parts of her practice and critical understanding.

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Lucy Courtney

Lucy is a student on Photography 1: Expressing Your Vision. As the main carer for her husband, who has alzheimers, she wanted to create a pictorial narrative of his deterioration without using his image.

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Photo Books

What common mistakes do you think photographers, students and designers make? What are your favourite photo books and what makes them effective book projects?

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