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You never see them like this

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.

Two years after Tim Hetherington’s death the Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool features an exhibition of work drawn from his book Infidel. Featuring images of American soldiers during ‘down times’ – ie the majority of their posting when they were not on duty or engaged in combat. In the this video Tim Hetherington talks about the work and how he gained trust and his intent ‘we do these young men an injustice in not digesting fully their reality…’
Tutor Andrew Conroy will be leading a study visit to the exhibition on Saturday 26 October. To book your place email enquiries@oca-uk.com
Photograph: Tim Hetherington/Magnum

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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One thought on “You never see them like this

  • Fabulous interview – interesting that he says he can’t come up with any truisms about what war is & that he is trying to capture the “texture ” of war. Also interesting is that he feels he needs to add a section in which the soldiers have their say – he wants to give a voice to the soldiers, which reminds me very much of the poems(?) written by the subjects in Jean-Louis Courtinat’s collection at the Arles exhibition. Unlike in Courtinat’s exhibition, Hetherington chooses to put the writing at the end of the book – Courtinat had the people’s writings next to their images. How would this change our perception/reception of the images, I wonder.

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