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What is your ideal study experience?

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.
Collage of OCA study events
One of the roles of OCASA (your student body) is to provide feedback and ideas to OCA on ways to improve the student experience. We are looking for 8-10 students to take part in in-depth interviews – participants will be chosen to cover:

  • a broad range of study subjects
  • all levels of study
  • UK and overseas students
  • a range of ages and previous study experiences.

To say ‘thank you’ for your time we’ll send you a £25 Amazon Gift Token.

photo of Carol

This is your interviewer

If you would like to help, please contact Carol Smith (OCA Student Association): fineart@ocasa.org.uk
The interview will consist of:

  • some simple pre-work (gathering some images and e-mailing them)
  • a two hour google+ (or Skype) interview at a convenient time for you.

Your details and identity will be confidential to the interviewer.
(article by OCASA’s Pam Wright)

Posted by author: Paul Vincent
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7 thoughts on “What is your ideal study experience?

  • I would love to help and take part but I can’t do skype.
    The interviewer looks very nice – lovely photo 🙂

    • If you’d like the perspective of a somewhat ‘dis-abled’ student who has been to quite a few study visits, I could do it by phone… my student number is 507165

      • Hi Stephanie – could you e-mail me at this address:
        I have already filled most of the interview slots (thanks to everyone who has been so quick to respond) – But am still looking for someone studying MUSIC, and an ADVANCED (level 3) FINE ART student.
        Its better if we can see each other during the interview (I do a better job that way). So if there is a way to use skype (or google hang outs) that would be best.
        I’m interested to hear your experiences – so please contact me (by e-mail) to see if there is a way to make it work.

  • UPDATE on volunteers:
    I’m still looking for one MUSIC and one FINE ART (ADVANCED) student – and I’m especially interested to hear from someone studying from OUTSIDE UK.
    Thanks to everyone who has already contacted me. I now have good representation from photography, textiles, writing and illustration. Many thanks.
    If you’ve missed out on the chance of the interview but would like to share your thoughts and ideas anyway, please e-mail me at
    fineart@ocasa.org.uk so that I can include it in my summary.
    There are also other ways to get your feedback heard:
    * contact your student rep (see list below). We have regular meetings with OCA leadership where we pass on ideas and feedback, and we also help get any immediate issues resolved.
    * when you finish a course OCA send you a survey – they take it very seriously and use your feedback to guide their projects and policy. So please take the time to provide your thoughts. All feedback is managed confidentially and professionally.
    This is the full contact list for OCASA reps:
    Carol Smith, representative for Fine Art & Art History: fineart@ocasa.org.uk
    Sarah Dodds, representative for Textiles: textiles@ocasa.org.uk
    Stuart McQuade, representative for Photography: photography@ocasa.org.uk
    Pam Wright, representative for Visual Communications and OCASA’s Vice President: viscomms@ocasa.org.uk
    Elaine Goodall, representative for Music: music@ocasa.org.uk
    Brenda Knee, representative for Creative Writing: writing@ocasa.org.uk
    In the spirit of continuous improvement…thank you!

    • Hi Allison,
      thanks for volunteering 🙂
      Could you send me an e-mail at fineart@ocasa.org.uk and let me know what course you are studying?
      For the interviews I’m particularly looking for a level 3 student of fine art and a music student – I have students already to cover the other course
      But I would be happy to hear feedback outside of the interview process too.

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