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The new student website

This is a post from the archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.
On 1 September the OCA launched a new student website and emailed all students with new login details. Accessing this new website has caused issues for some students. If your studies were impacted by the delay in securing support to access the site, we would like to apologise. We are now confident that the access issues have been resolved, over 700 students have now successfully logged into the site and there are currently no outstanding requests for support. If you are still experiencing problems, please email and our Webmaster, Paul Vincent, will deal with your request. Requests are dealt with in strict order of arrival and support is available Monday to Friday only. 
The site as it is today is a platform for future development. Over the coming years students will see how it enables us to enrich the learning experience, but we have already realised the four initial objectives for the site, namely to:

  • Provide students access to electronic copies of the course materials. This enables greater portability with students able to read materials on tablet devices in the studio or while travelling and enables students to click directly through to web resources in the courses.
  • Automate the initial enrolment/student website access process. While this has no advantages for current students, it reduces the time between initial enrolment and access to the student site for new students. Combined with the electronic access to course materials, it reduces the time between speaking to a member of our team to enrol and starting the course from two days to five minutes.
  • Provide a dedicated email channel for student and tutor communications.
  • Provide simpler and more intuitive navigation and accelerate page response times significantly

If students wish to comment on any aspect of the site and would like a response from the College they should comment in the website forum in the student website here .(You will need to login to the student site to comment). Comments on other sites such as Facebook and Flickr may be noted by the College team but we do not have the resources to moderate such forums.

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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