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Study visit to Art Turning Left at Tate Liverpool - The Open College of the Arts
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Study visit to Art Turning Left at Tate Liverpool

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Art Turning Left The Guerilla GirlsThis study visit, on Saturday December 7th, looks at Tate Liverpool’s new exhibition, which examines how art has been influenced by left-wing values from the French Revolution to the present day. In doing so it explores ideas such as collectivism, equality and the search for alternative economic structures in works ranging from William Morris’s designs to the posters of the Atelier Populaire group in Paris 1968. Among other highlights will be a version of David’s iconic image of The Death of Marat of 1793–4, one of the most famous images of the French Revolution.
Constellations Simon Starling
Art Turning Left looks at how radical ideas have affected the processes, the aesthetics and the display of artworks. It includes work by Marianne Brandt, Jeremy Deller, The Hackney Flashers and The Mass Observation Movement. Tate Liverpool will also present The New Model, a rethinking of Palle Nielsen’s work The Model of 1968, when a Stockholm museum converted itself into a temporary children’s playground.
Art Turning Left Untitled
After lunch the group will visit Constellations, a display which examines the role of a number of ‘trigger’ artworks as keys to understanding other works on display. This is also on at Tate Liverpool. The works include early twentieth century paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Jackson Pollock and more recent works by Barbara Kruger, Simon Starling, Rashaeed Aareen and Trisha Donnelly. For a place on this visit please email enquiries@oca-uk.com

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