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Picture lending is alive in Leeds

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goyaOn a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, my partner and I took a trip into Leeds. Whilst navigating the crowds, we found ourselves walking in the direction of Leeds Art Gallery and decided to see what was showing. On entering the gallery we saw a sign ‘Picture Lending Scheme’. Intrigued we found ourselves going through into a large room filled with framed prints, drawings, paintings and photographs by artists ranging from the little known to the world famous.
A very helpful attendant asked if we had been before and then proceeded to tell us all about the scheme. Established in 1961, the Picture Lending Scheme was set up to enable the public to enjoy works of art in their own homes. £4 a month will get you one artwork, with £2 a month for additional artworks, there is no set up fee, you only pay for what you borrow, the only restriction being that each loan must last at least three months. There are now over 600 works available for loan through the gallery’s Picture Lending Scheme.
This scheme not only benefits the gallery, making a small profit from the work in the gallery’s collection that isn’t on display, but it allows art enthusiasts to ‘own’ a piece of work by the artists they admire, or even ones they have never heard of before, if only for a short period.This strikes me as a great opportunity. The ability to take an artwork home with you, study it, enjoy it (without having to break the bank) is a valuable resource for students, art professionals and art lovers alike.You could, if you so desired, curate your own mini exhibitions in your own home in order to investigate not only how specific artworks work together, but how our understanding of them is effected by their display in a domestic setting.
Like kids in a sweetshop we perused the artworks available to loan. My partner chose a large colourful lithograph entitled ‘Bebop’ by the artist Colin Smith, whilst I dove on a copy of Francisco de Goya’s ‘Grande hazaña! Con muertos!’. Still slightly disbelieving that we could actually take them home with us, we were ushered through the very quick registration process, our framed prints were packed into a Leeds Art Gallery bag, and we left the gallery, artworks in hand, with huge smiles on our faces.
For details of the next Picture Lending Scheme selection day, check the Leeds Art Gallery website

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6 thoughts on “Picture lending is alive in Leeds

    • No not at all, I am a big fan of Goya, his work goes way beyond simple graphic depictions, this particular print is a direct statement against the violence administered by ‘heroic’ (the title roughly translates as “A Heroic Feat! With Dead Men!”) men during war times. He was a fascinating artist, his life and work is a tale of frustration and rebellion.

      • how can we tell it is a statement against violence, rather than its gratuitous depiction?
        I have not studied Goya, but I have been looking recently at the work of the Chapman brothers. There seems to be a fine line between shock value for its own sake and making a statement.
        reminds me a bit of arguments about Alf Garnett. was everyone laughing at him, or were some laughing with him?

  • I think this is a great idea, because there is so much lovely artwork out there that the public never get to see, so to have the opportunity to enjoy artwork in your own home really appeals.
    There are other schemes such as Own Art that makes buying art affordable, by spreading the cost over 10 month interest free.
    Take a look: http://www.ownart.org.uk/what-is-own-art/

  • The work is insured by the gallery, but you do have to register with them, so if you were to abscond with the work they would be in touch.

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