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Graphic Design Careers

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Looking to pursue a career in graphic design?

From marketing, to packaging design, to website design, to animation, to 3D design, to teaching, to illustration, to game design – there are so many options open to you.

A career in design can be really dynamic, exciting, and well-paid. There’s a good demand for graphic designers and the opportunities available are really varied and interesting. As graphic design is such a versatile skill, you can find yourself working in just about any sector, anywhere around the world – and that means you can look for something that really motivates you creatively.

There’s also the fact that innovations in design are happening all the time; this means you’ll be able to continue to learn and develop your design skills throughout your career and this is something a lot of people find really engaging. Whether you want to specialise in print publications or digital media – technological developments are continually enhancing the design process.

Not only will you have the choice to work in virtually any sector, but you also have the choice to work for a creative agency, where you may design for a variety of clients, or in-house, where you might focus on a specific product or service. You can even choose to start your own business and offer your graphic design skills to your clients freelance.

The National Careers Service have useful guides and example profiles as both a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, giving you a helping hand in where to start. Prospects also have guides on potential career paths and what you can do with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.

Specialist listings for jobs include:

If you’re interested in becoming a graphic designer, you might be thinking about the graphic designer job qualifications that could give your career a head start.

What qualifications do you need to become a graphic designer?

While there are no specific qualifications required for a graphic designer career, many design companies will look for knowledge and experience gained from either a professional setting or through education – typically at degree-level. They’ll also typically want to see a good portfolio of design work.

Many of the visual communication skills and techniques that are essential to the field can be learned though graphic designer qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree in visual communications or graphic design or even a master’s degree.

At OCA, our bachelor’s degrees are open access – this means you don’t have to have completed any previous formal qualifications like A-Levels or foundation courses in order to participate.

Learn about OCA's degree-level graphic design courses
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