Gaining Exemptions

Gaining Exemptions for an Accreditation of Prior Learning and Prior Experiential Learning

Our Open courses are designed to be studied as a sequence from the beginning but you may be able to start with a more advanced Open course if you have got relevant existing qualifications or previous experience.

his is called Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL), and is used to give you credit against some of the courses on your chosen degree. Basically it’s credit awarded for a range of learning – including self-directed study, work experience as well as other courses of study and qualifications you may have. There are fees for APL but they are lower than the full costs of studying the course.

If you have qualifications demonstrating relevant study that might exempt you from an Open course, send scans of the certificates to our Registrar. Certificates have to have been awarded in the last five years.

If you have certificates demonstrating earlier study, or simply that you do creative work at a high level, we may consider exempting you. You will need to produce evidence of your creative work for the college to evaluate, to check that your knowledge and skills are up to the required level. If you are interested in this option please email our Registrar with a brief description of your experience and she will advise you on next steps.

Our Registrar, Steph Gillott, can be emailed at:

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