Discounts for OCA students

Once you are enrolled on an OCA course you will receive an OCA Student Card. This card may be accepted by retailers and organisations that offer student discount. Many retailers and other organisations advertise that they offer student discounts. If in doubt, ask!



Currently there are significant discounts for OCA students on Adobe Creative Cloud software Click here for more details.

NUS Extra Card


You will also be able to apply for an NUS Extra card, which may be accepted by a wider range of organisations. For a full list of participating organisations, click here: NUS Extra website.



As an OCA student you will be eligible to obtain discounts on a range of Apple hardware. Go to the Apple Store for Education site for more details.


As an OCA student, you’re eligible to purchase the reduced-cost University edition of Microsoft Office 365.

With Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, evidence of your status as a student with the OCA will be requested either following purchase (in the case of Adobe) or during the purchase process (in the case of Microsoft and Apple). A scan of you student ID card is sufficient in most cases, but the office can provide further evidence whenever it is required.