Studying with Disabilities, Health Issues and Caring Responsibilities


The flexibility our degrees offer in terms of time allow many students to fit their studies around delays due to disability, health issues and formal caring responsibilities. For degree students we allow up to 12 years to complete your degree – 4 times longer than a full-time degree course. Personal development learners and Open Foundations students may take the maximum 2 years per unit and may even take breaks between enrolments. This allows students to vary the pace of study when necessary, and assignment dates can often be adjusted if required.

Before Enrolment

If you can, it is important to tell us before you enrol if there is anything which may impact on your studies. If there are changes during your studies, please let us know as early as you can. This means that we can advise you appropriately.

Course Flexibility

For the most part, as you can set and adjust your own submission dates (within the overall timeframes allowed), this allows you to manage your studies around health and caring responsibilities.

If you need any support with working out a study schedule once you’re enrolled, you can contact the Learner Support Adviser (

Additional Support

degree students may be able to apply for Disabled Students Allowance if you have a disability, including a:
  • long-term health condition
  • mental health condition
  • specific learning difficulty, e.g. dyslexia
See more information on how this can help here: Disabled Students Allowance
Depending on where you are studying from, there may be different eligibility criteria in particular relating to the rate of study so please see the appropriate organisation below.

Personal Development Learners and Foundation students

Unfortunately students who are not studying towards an degree cannot apply for Disabled Students Allowance.
If you have concerns before enrolling, please contact the Student Services Team to discuss. They may refer you to the Learner Support Adviser.
Once you are studying if you have concerns about particular exercises and assignments that may prove difficult due to disability or health issues, please discuss with your tutor and / or the Learner Support Adviser what reasonable adjustments may be possible.