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Painting Showcase

OCA Student Painting Work

View a range of painting work from students on OCA creative arts courses below.

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Angela Johnson

“My practice focuses on exploring the complexities and challenges we face as human beings, both internally and externally, and the eternal question of how to define our humanity in this ever changing world.”

David Hume

“My time studying for a Painting degree with the OCA has been both very enjoyable and productive, It has widened my understanding of art and artists whilst also pushing me out of my comfort zone by using different media, styles and scale. This has resulted in developing a style of painting from which I have been able to produce and sell work in a gallery, a point I never expected to achieve. It is the encouragement, support and expertise of the tutors and staff that has enabled progress, I am still only part way through the journey, but feel I have come a long way, with more enjoyable years to follow.”

Siobhan Meehan

“My practice is an exploration of female identity and place in a specifically Irish context.  I use materials and processes from a wide range of disciplines, some of which have been gendered as masculine or feminine.  I use thread, collage, paint, print and textile processes to gather images of the female and reimagine them as presences that defy objectification.”

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