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Lindsay Peaston

“I spin ideas, juggle plot and character and twist myself into contortionist’s knots over lexical choices. I strain every sinew to listen out for my voice in the hope I will hear it emerge from my literary gymnastics. But when the knotty problems become too tight my OCA tutors know exactly which loop to pull to unravel my tangle of words. Their support and encouragement has given me belief in myself as a writer.

Writing is what I do: travel writing, short stories and memoir.  Some times I even dare to call myself a Writer…”

Kirkwall to Sanday

The sky fits over the sodden islands like a sheet of unpolished steel. We drive through relentless drizzle from Marwick Head to Kirkwall. The roads are empty, but the fields are full of grazing geese; pink-footed and Icelandic greylags. They are honking cull-survivors. Murmurations of starlings fling themselves across the grey sky like a speckled rash…

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