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A career…
How much are the creative industries worth?

The creative industries are worth almost £10 million an hour to the economy.

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How many jobs are there within the creative industry?

There are over 1 million jobs in the creative industry in the UK.

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Is there a lot of competition for jobs?

No. In this sector alone, there are 17 defined skills shortages in areas such as animation and visual effects.

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How much will it cost?

With the Open College of the Arts, a UCA partner, you can get an Open Degree through distance learning for £9,000 –  ⅓ the cost of a traditional full time degree.

Here’s what our students think

Ailish Henderson
The OCA was the perfect option, as I could schedule my learning around other responsibilities. I worried I would miss the university campus setting, where I could be inspired by others. However my concerns were unfounded, as there’s many ways in which we fellow students keep in touch, bounce ideas off each other and even meet up to visit exhibitions.
Katherine Jasven
The OCA meant that I would not be left with large debt and could continue working full time, so I could chase my dream while not forgetting my responsibilities. The coursework has been wonderfully challenging; the practice of keeping sketchbooks has been invaluable and the feedback from my tutor have enabled me to finally understand my own creative voice. I would recommend the OCA to anyone eager to springboard into the world of creativity.
Andrew Howe
Distance learning offered perfect flexibility to accommodate significant life events and commitments including a demanding role as chartered engineer in environmental consultancy. I studied photography and then painting to complete my BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree. I have established myself as an artist with solo and group exhibitions, commissions and curating. Studying with OCA encouraged me to view my practice as visual language and performance.
Dewald Botha
I chose OCA, not only because I wanted my first BA degree, but also because OCA were the only distance study creative arts college that allowed such a focused yet flexible study program – a program which I needed to fit around working full time as an English Teacher. On top of the flexible self-paced schedule, and peer group support, the most valuable aspect for me was the relationship I built with my tutors.

Degree structure

All OCA undergraduate and postgraduate courses are accredited and qualify for HE credits, used by many universities in the UK to monitor, record and reward passage through a modular degree course and to facilitate movement between courses and institutions. For more information please see our Levels and Credits page.

No, but hard work pays off.

Enrolling is easy
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Just pick up the phone and give us a call and talk to one of our friendly advisors. Alternatively, enrol online.
Degrees are hard aren't they?
We acknowledge that studying an arts degree by distance leaning maybe difficult and daunting, but all your hard work will pay off.
…but we are here to help.
Our head office team are available to assist you every step of the way.

We can

Our Team

Our staff are here to support you:
  • Student Services – Can help with general queries and enrolments.
  • Course Support – Deal with subject specific questions about projects, assignments and other aspects of your course.
  • Learner Support – Helps with applications to the OCA Learner Support Scheme, course extensions due to mitigating circumstances and disability support information.
  • IT/Web Support – Can help with your OCA account, Google apps/services and student website queries.
If you have any queries please contact us on 0800 731 2116 or alternatively email us on

Our Tutors

You can be confident in your OCA tutor’s ability to help you develop your skills and give you supportive and constructive feedback.
  • We have around 100 tutors, based throughout the UK.
  • All our tutors are practising artists, photographers, designers, writers or composers.
  • They are experienced teachers at HE level.
  • Their combination of professional expertise with a strong background in teaching is a key strength of the OCA.

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Our Students

Your fellow students will help you through various online avenues. We provide a variety of services, both online and offline, to help you stay connected with students and tutors throughout your studies:
  • Forums
  • Google hangouts
  • Course discussion groups
  • Study visits
  • Student website
  • WeAreOCA blog
Try and be active in the OCA online community, visiting student forums and discussion groups, joining Google Hangouts, Google Groups, looking at the work of other students and making comments on the discussions you find there.

How am I assessed?

When you finish your course units, your work will be looked at, and re-looked at, by our assessors, and then by our external examiners.

Credit is awarded, lessons are learned, your portfolio of work and research grows.

You continue on your journey