I came to Art late in life having been forced to give it up at school at 15. With my children growing up and my husband moving towards retirement, I decided to expand my horizons. Local leisure courses reintroduced me to painting, life drawing and printmaking, but, feeling the need for focused and structured tuition, I chose OCA to fit in with work and family commitments.

Initially, when I started studying Drawing in 2012, I just wanted a course to help me develop my draftsmanship; I certainly wasn’t planning to embark on a degree. Now, I am enjoying the intellectual challenge and the artistic community so much that I cannot imagine life without OCA. It has developed my skills and interests in ways I could never have imagined.

The ability to select courses from a wide range and in unusual combinations is exciting. When I joined OCA, I never dreamt I would progress to study Sculpture.


Drawing: starrybird.wordpress.com
Printmaking: greenmangle.wordpress.com