I have a degree in Fine Art from the University of Leeds, an MA in Image and Communications from Goldsmiths College and a PGCE from Canterbury and Christchurch University. My commissioned photography includes sculpture, design, exhibition surveys and performance. Clients include the Henry Moore Institute, Barbican, Sadlers Wells and Routledge as well as a wide range of individual designers and makers. As an example of my work with artists, my self-published book ‘Sculpture at Wat Tyler’ contextualising the sculpture park within the context of the post-war ‘new town’ is available to view here.

I’ve been a member of several artist studio groups, exhibiting in the UK and abroad. My recent photowork ‘Metamorphosis’, shot in Poland and Japan, combined chance, materiality and the perceptual moment to discover new relationships of time and space. More recent work is centred on affect, and the possibility of two or more people seeing the same thing with the same intensity at the same time as the foundation for a creative dialogue.

I’m passionate about progressive approaches to art education and my activities in creative learning cover a wide spectrum including workshops and residencies in primary and secondary schools and a stint as course leader at a sixth form college. I taught on a Photography National Diploma in London for several years and have lectured on HND, Foundation Art and Design and Media degree programmes. Besides tutoring I am a unit leader at the OCA and contribute to assessment and curriculum design, recently authoring the Level 1 course unit ‘Expressing Your Vision’ (2014).

Unit Leader for Photography 1: Expressing your Vision

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