I began studying with OCA in 2014 after the local photography school in my city closed its doors. I found that OCA concentrates on teaching the “essence of the art” and not merely concentrating on techniques and soon found myself developing my creativity and stepping outside my comfort zone in ways I would not have dreamt of before. Studying with OCA has taught me to think differently about photography and art in general and I now have a greater appreciation for the arts. As a student who lives in Canada I can honestly say that I have not really missed out on student collaboration or interaction as the OCA community has many different platforms where students can connect and have lively discussions about their work. The positive student interactions have only enriched my experience with OCA. My tutors have been very professional, dedicated and encouraging; their feedback always well-intentioned and meaningful. Studying with OCA has become a very integral part of my daily life and I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of being able to accommodate my studies around my regular full time job.

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