I am an artist, writer and curator, with extensive experience of teaching fine art at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For many years I was a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Art, Canterbury. I have also taught in a number of European art colleges, including ones in Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

My main area of practice is painting. I work within a figurative tradition that is contemporary, while acknowledging historical precedents. I seek to make art that is innovative, expressive and unexpected. The subjects for my work are derived from contemporary events and experiences. For example in 2012 I made a series of watercolour paintings, ‘Ghosts’, in response to the riots that broke out across the UK in 2011. In addition to painting I also make extensive use of drawing and printmaking.

I have an in-depth understanding of the many technical and formal possibilities that the practice of painting offers. I have made work using a broad range of mediums, including oils, watercolour, tempera and fresco. I have also explored the different ways in which paintings can be made, including easel, panel, ceiling and mural painting. In addition to my individual studio work, I also work to commission, including large-scale paintings for public institutions and portraits.

I have exhibited my work extensively, including the Royal Academy, the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and the Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury. I also curate exhibitions. For example in 2010 I was commissioned to curate an exhibition, ‘Hearing Bertolt Brecht’, for the British Art Show Fringe. This was exhibited in my pop-up art space, the ‘Moss Gallery’.

In addition to making art I also write about it. My writing seeks to explore theoretical issues that relate to current thinking on figurative art, drawing on my art historical knowledge and extensive readings in philosophy. Currently I am exploring the links between the painted image and language, particularly rhetoric. I also give talks on these themes, most recently at the University of Nottingham.

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“The study of fine art is a journey, from initial uncertainty, towards creative and confident self-expression. I see the role of an OCA tutor as one of providing practical and theoretical guidance for this journey.”

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