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Vibeke Fussing

I have been a graphic designer and illustrator in various capacities, since my BA (hons.) degrees in Design for Communication Media, Graphic Design and in Interactive Arts, studied in Manchester, UK. I also have an MA in Online and Distance Education (MAODE) completed through the Open University and a PGCE from Canterbury Christchurch University. I’ve been a lecturer and head of the Digital and Creative Industries department in a college of Further and Higher Education since 2008, I am also an LGBT+ Equality Champion and in promoting diversity, equity and social justice, work creatively to develop and support inclusion and identify opportunities for change.

My creative interests have taken me on many journeys of exploration of graphic design and beyond. I am now living in South East London which has allowed me easy access to the variety of exhibitions, galleries, museums and events that the city has to offer. Advances in virtual technology have encouraged me to discover an even wider variety digitally, from around the world. I’ve become particularly interested in the potential for creative spaces in 360° imagery and virtual environments as well as that of augmented reality, drone filming, photography and platforms that provide interactive, immersive creative virtual spaces/environments. Constantly evolving and improving technologies become part of the toolbox of our time. What fascinates and excites me in the creative process, is the journey itself of research, exploration and discovery. I look forward to having the opportunity to share aspects of your journey during your studies with OCA.

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