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Robert Bloomfield

I have a degree in Fine Art from the University of Leeds and a Masters in Image and Communications from Goldsmiths College. Commissioned photography includes sculpture, design, exhibition surveys and performance for the Henry Moore Institute, Barbican, Sadlers Wells and Routledge and publicity, marketing and documentation shots for individual artists, designers and makers.

I’m passionate about progressive approaches to education. I have a PGCE (post compulsory) from Canterbury and Christchurch University and am a member of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. My activities in creative learning cover a wide spectrum of settings from photography residencies in primary schools to Course Leader in A Level Art at a sixth form college in London. I taught professional and technical skills in photography to National Diploma for several years and have lectured on HND, Foundation Art and Design and Media degree programmes.

Current research interests include aesthetics, art theory, phenomenology, materiality, intersectionality, landscape, enchantment, affect, uncertainty, non-dualism, deep listening, unschooling and transformative learning. Artistic concerns which have always been strongly orientated towards the aesthetic object are now developing in a more relational direction, and my collaboration with the Japanese artist Yuko Asamura attempts to challenge the hierarchy of artist and audience through photography, performance and dialogue.

robert bloomfield