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Kit Poulson

I describe myself as a painter, although I work with a variety of media.

Alongside painting I have written books, produced installations, made sound works and films and often collaborate (with musicians, dancers, filmmakers). You can see my work at

However painting is my starting point, thinking about how we shape and employ images. Painting combines a complex history of ideas with an ever-present, cheap and immediate sense of the possibility of re-invention, it is a site of radical possibility. The slippery nature of the image is at the centre of my work even when working with dancers or with text. My works are entangled with each other rather than specifically linked. A group of paintings will share the same originary thoughts as a piece of writing, but they will exist independently of each other.

I didn’t go to art school until I was 28 previously I worked in the theatre as a stage manager, as a photographic set builder, as a illustrator’s agent and as a temp in a bank. For several years I was the painting technician at Middlesex University and have always been interested in the science of paint (even if only to try and defy it…). After this I completed a PhD on Malevich and 16th century meditation chambers.

At present alongside being a tutor at OCA I am a senior lecturer at the University of the West of England.

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