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Julie James-Turner - The Open College of the Arts
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Julie James-Turner

The inspiration for my art practice is womanhood. My work functions as wearable art that comments on female identity. I seek to emphasis the tensions and celebrate the diverse roles of women, drawing from both an individual and a collective identity. I am fascinated by period garments and clothing patterns. Using their symbolic associations as stimulus, I deconstruct fabrics, garments and patterns, and then reinterpret them using traditional techniques and contemporary technologies. I attempt to not only produce aesthetically rewarding work but also attempt a thoughtful critique on the emergence of modern woman.

I have studied a range of courses that have influenced and developed my skills and knowledge in various directions, from Fashion to a BA in Fine Art. These led through to a Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy and most recently an MA in Textiles. I was the winner of ‘The Textile Society’ Bursary Postgraduate Award 2010 and have an article published in ‘Text for the study of Textile Art, Design and History.’ I continue to exhibit my work nationally.

I have a PGCE and have taught a range of students in education from schools, colleges and universities, to artist led workshops.

I currently work as a tutor for the Worker’s Educational Association, run workshops at the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk and I am an artist in residence at Hope University Liverpool.

These varied experiences have given me a unique perspective on creativity and the application of techniques to develop students both personally and professionally.

I believe creativity is a key skill, which requires students to challenge themselves to move beyond their comfort zone and explore the unknown. As a tutor, I facilitate this process and support students to achieve that which is just beyond their current knowledge and vision.

I feel working as a tutor for the OCA will inspire my self-development as an artist and expand and enrich my experience as a tutor.

julie james-turner