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Joanne Allen

I consider myself to be an artist and an educator. As an Academic Development Officer for OCA, I understand the needs, struggles and successes of the individual, and I am familiar with the courses and how they are structured and designed. I received my BA (Hons) Fine Art at Limerick School of Art and Design, and trained to be an art teacher thereafter. I strongly believe in the importance of arts education and the ethos of the OCA. My primary interest in is drawing and the process of making, I’m interested in collage, layering and negative space and predominantly work in traditional media. In every aspect of my life the notion of ‘journey’ is really important to me, be it travelling around the world discovering new places or my learning experience – through making, collaborating and experimenting. Most recently I completed a Foundations in Art Therapy course from Sheffield’s Art Therapy Northern Programme.

joanne allen