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India Ritchie - The Open College of the Arts
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India Ritchie

My work is influenced by themes of cleanliness and dirt. I am interested in how, culturally, we come to associate a particular substance or practice as ‘dirty’, and how basic cleaning rituals signify a psychological need to adhere to a wider social understanding of order.

I use mostly domestic scenes/objects in my work. The home not only plays an integral part of the majority of people’s everyday routine, it also acts as a platform for social and community relations, as well as holding a significant position within psychological and cultural research. The home, how it is ordered and presented, is often taken as an indicator of the inhabitant’s personality, their social standing, even the state of their mental health.

I am a trained printmaker, but my work is not restricted to just printmaking, I also work with installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, and animation, utilizing different media to suit a particular avenue of research.

I won the Student Award in 2009 from Camberwell College of Arts, where I studied for an MA in Printmaking. I have exhibited my work in the UK and internationally with institutions such as the Bow Arts Trust, IPCNY, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Candid Arts Trust, London Print Studio, Shoreditch Fringe, Jealous Gallery among others.

As well as tutoring for the OCA, I also teach printmaking to FE and HE students alongside my own practice. I am a firm believer in arts education, and I especially believe that education should be available to everyone, irrespective of background, place of residence, or financial situation. The opportunity to work with students to help them achieve an arts qualification with OCA is one I greatly appreciate.