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Emma Drye

I trained originally at Brighton University as a painter, graduating in 1992 and going on to work for a number of years at the City College on their Foundation Course. In 2007 I attended the Tihany Post Graduate Programme run in partnership between Goldsmiths and the Budapest Academy of Fine Art in Hungary. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2014 as a mature student with a postgraduate Master of Fine Art degree in Contemporary Fine Art Practice, awarded with distinction.

I have shown in London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Glasgow and Aberdeen with recent shows being at the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, Glasgow, the Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and Angus Luborimov, London.

Force, mass and acceleration. It has been done so beautifully and comprehensively. Every pendulous, quivering, dynamic, lurching art work I have seen that eschews irrelevant compromising detail is a joy to behold and a balm to the senses. Unfortunately for me I am a sucker for irrelevancies and compromising detail and sense that an art that can cope with that kind of pollution has more of a chance of developing a register that has the kind of humanity and breadth that I am ambitious to pursue. I aim for Les Dawson’s piano playing; a Breugel painting or Chaucerian discourse for today. I simply watch out for things that intrigue me and then pull the threads as far as I can with whatever comes to hand.

“So, if not pious, not earnest, not pompous, and not authoritative – what then could seriousness be and where might it be practised? And is seriousness in the art world a doomed project? Could it be revived strategically as a tool by which to insist on some things without involving the reams of critical analysis that expose, unveil, blame, and reveal power relations, end ensure that we know in a socially responsible way what’s what? Most importantly, how can seriousness function as a rupture and as the vehicle for intellectual intensity – as a shared entity rather than as an isolating pensiveness”

Irit Rogoff in Visual Culture as Seriousness 2013
Emma Drye

I teach across the levels at OCA and am a Fine Art Assessor. I am also a course author. I have written two course books to date for the college and am currently writing the third. In my teaching I am particularly interested in developing sustainability within a student’s practice by focusing on their own developing aspirations. I also have an interest in alternative delivery; using video and the internet to provide students with learning materials which are not text based and encouraging peer to peer connections.

emma drye