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Corinna Till

I make images often using drawing and painting, scissors, cameras and projection. I have used photography to capture and present painting. Printed or projected photographic images becoming the exhibited works that, in a sense, join together different types of surfaces and facets of inhabited structures, including painting. I am interested in options for how two-dimensional or flattish images may be held in contact with other structures of the world.

I am currently working on a paper based animation project to provide a form of documentation for a specific musical performance. A related body of paintings is based around gatherings for performances, including the position of the audience and aspects of the architectural environments in which performances take place. It is important that these images of people are not of individuals but of roles, positions and situations. I am driven by questions about how to represent people and the dynamics between them in ways that are liberating. An interest in sequencing images has been present in much of my work and I am now taking this further into animation, and working between still and moving images.

I studied Fine Art at the Slade School of Art in London (BA (Hons), 1998 and MFA, 2004). I did an Art and Design Foundation course at Chelsea College of Art. Having not completed A Levels, I was able to get into university partly thanks to a Social Sciences Foundation course studied at the Open university in 1991 while I was also the mother of a young child. This was a pivotal experience, giving me a direct understanding of the great value of distance learning in making education accessible and possible where it otherwise might not be.

As part of a practical and searching interest in the roles we play, I studied career guidance at the University of East London (PgDip, 2009). I worked as a part-time teaching assistant for a year at Goldsmiths (2009 – 2010). Between 2013 and 2016 I worked as a Mentor at University of the Arts London. I won a Jerwood Painting Fellowship in 2010, a Cocheme Fellowship at Central St Martins in 2011, and a Bryan Robertson Trust Award in 2015.

I am really glad to be able to work as a tutor with students at the Open College of the Arts.

corinna till