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Cari Morton

I am interested in systems, order and repetition and the application and manipulation of such methods to create curious design outcomes. Fascinated by structures and construction methods, my creative practice as a knitwear designer explores and exploits the properties of traditional craft techniques to create unusual constructed textiles. My current collection is the result of exploring the synthesis of constructed textiles processes, such as knitting, braiding, knotting and weaving. The structural integration of these processes results in structurally complex hybrid fabrics, which possess a sense of architectural three-dimensionality. These fabrics are developed into scarves and shawls, which are exhibited and sold in design and craft galleries under the label cari + carl.

Alongside making and selling knitwear, I have taught knitwear design and broader textiles modules on textile design and craft degree courses. Interested in the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration, I have also developed projects at undergraduate level that explore the sculptural and structural potential of textiles processes in the context of other art and design disciplines. Within the further education sector, I ran the Textiles, Fashion and Costume pathway of the well-respected Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds College of Art, designing a curriculum that focused on the playful research skills and exploration of visual, theoretical and conceptual problems, alongside lively investigation of materials and processes. Encouraging a playful, experimental and investigatory approach to materials and processes is what drives me as an educator.

cari morton