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Andrew Langford

I’ve been teaching in higher education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels for over 30 years. I’ve always stayed passionate about teaching and the capacity of good education to change lives and make a real difference to the individual and the wider society.  I vividly remember how higher education changed my outlook on life and gave me a career and I gain a huge satisfaction from continuing to reinvest in the development of the next generations of creatives.

I have a first degree in Photography, Film and Television and a Masters in Electronic Art and Graphics. Courses that I’ve written, managed and taught include Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Communications. Alongside my teaching I’ve remained highly involved in the practice and academic research of the visual arts and have produced a range of photographic exhibitions and publications. In 2015 I was awarded a PhD by the University of Northampton for my critical engagement in the subject and for the originality of my photography. I have also acted as an external examiner for a number of UK universities.

My image making has embraced a wide spectrum of techniques and technologies. This has ranged from the use of large format analogue cameras, to digital equipment and manipulation and the use of both traditional print outcomes and alternative digital forms in exhibition.

At the heart of my interest is a fascination for how the experiences of our environment, including landscapes and the natural world, might be be visually represented in the context of accelerated technological change. My work is not characterised by any one consistent aesthetic or stylistic approach, but rather should be understood as a critical and continuous questioning of the image and its potential meaning. To see my work, and the texts which introduce it, please go to my website.

I try to balance my involvement in education and teaching with my passion for the environment and culture of southern Spain, where I now spend more time.

andrew langford