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Doug Burton - The Open College of the Arts
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Doug Burton

The visceral manipulation of matter and the capturing of the world around us as an entity suspended within time are central to my ideas. My work questions our relationship to the material world and the trace we leave. Through the use of a sculptural language of casting, imprinting and morphing my work brings together materials from both the physical and digital spheres. In this way my work attempts to cross-disciplines allowing for an exchange of ideas through different types of media.

I studied Sculpture at Winchester School of Art and then went onto receive my Postgraduate in Fine Art from the Royal Academy of Arts Schools in 2002. My role as Programme Leader for Creative Arts and Drawing has given me an overview of student’s diverse approaches to studying at the OCA. It’s an exciting process seeing each student’s unique creative voice emerge from their studies. Prior to joining the OCA I have been a tutor and assessor at Byam Shaw School of Art in London and have also been a technical assistant to a number of leading artists including Sir Anthony Caro.

The morphology of surface-structure and ideas are central to my current practice. In a catalogue essay written by David Lillington in 2008 (Doug Burton and Nicky Hirst, Morphology) Lillington describes my working process as “…problem solving, ways of thinking, ‘the idea of the interconnectedness of all things’ – the architecture of thought as much as the architecture of matter and space – are at the heart of his work. They constitute its real subject.”

You can find out more about me through my website www.dougburton.net or on social media twitter.com/dougburton_/

doug burton