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To find out more details about the transfer to The Open University see A New Chapter for OCA.

Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do describes the setup of the organisation, including both the management and organisational structure as well as student activities, the legal basis of the institution, and where we are based.

  • The Open College of the Arts is a fully registered charity, charity number 327446, and a company limited by guarantee, registration number 2125674. OCA is governed by the Articles of Association passed 01 November 2016.

    OCA Articles of Association

  • OCA is overseen by a Board of Trustees, each of whom is a listed director of the company under the Charity Act 2011.

    Our Trustees meet at least three times per year to provide oversight of all OCA functions.

    Executive management of the College is provided by OCA’s Principal and the Directors of Learning and Teaching, and Curriculum and Quality.

  • OCA staff make up a number of teams that provide the services available to our students. These teams are:

    • Programme teams comprising the Programme Leader and tutors on those programmes
    • Technology Enhanced Learning, who help to design intuitive learning spaces and materials
    • Finance, who manage the College finances and procurement processes
    • Quality and Academic Support, who ensure academic rigor is applied, and support tutors in their roles and other projects
    • Student Services, who provide information advice and guidance, disability support, mental health support, student induction and onboarding, and logistics

    The OCA Organisational Hierarchy shows these teams and the roles within them.