Textiles 3: Sustaining your Practice

Course Level: 3 (HE6) | HE Credits: 40 | Approx. Duration: 15 months at 10hrs/week


This unit represents the culmination of the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired throughout your study on the course and provides an opportunity to undertake a major project, present your work to a professional standard, and identify appropriate progression routes into self-employment, professional practice or continued education.

This is a self-directed unit, structured to support the process of undertaking a substantial self-initiated or self-selected project, preparing work for presentation and developing a contextual awareness of your practice. The major project can take the form of self-directed, and / or working to commission or a specified market.

By this stage in your course you should have already come to some decisions about the form that your practice will take either a textile artist or as a designer maker and you will be encouraged to explore the contextual location of your practice through researching, or work-related learning in your practice areas. This unit will support that decision by identifying potential progression routes relevant to your individual practice and circumstances and develop the necessary strategies, self-promotion, personal statements and presentation skills to help realise your aims. You will be encouraged to develop a portfolio of work to present to a wider audience, for example, submission for membership of professional exhibiting societies, exhibition venues, and selling opportunities, or other appropriate means.

This unit encourages a high degree of self-motivation and autonomy. The learning log and assignments will be used to support the development of self-reflection, critique, time management and professionalism.


The aims of the unit are to:

  • A1 Demonstrate a synthesis of prior learning, practical and conceptual understanding in the resolution of a self-initiated major project.
  • A2 Support and inform the development of an individually appropriate strategy for progression into self-employment, professional practice or continued education.
  • A3 Establish a personal visual language to your body of work.
  • A4 Reinforce self-motivation, autonomy and professionalism to take your work on to the step.


On successful completion of the unit you will be able to:

  • LO1 produce a body of work demonstrating a high level of visual aesthetic and technical understanding of the processes involved (A1)
  • LO2 demonstrate specific knowledge and specialist understanding of the professional and contextual location of your practice (A2)
  • LO3 undertake a major project in textiles that demonstrates a personal identity (A3)
  • LO4 develop a personal promotional strategy, portfolio and/or other appropriate means of presenting your practice at a professional level (A4).

Course content

  • Personal and professional development: identifying, undertaking and evaluating work related learning opportunities; signposting to relevant professional bodies, networks and resources; exploring self-promotion and publicity, investigating marketing strategies and practices, developing a portfolio.
  • Presentation skills; developing work to a high quality and craftsmanship, methods of finishing, preparation of portfolios, exhibitions, and other presentation opportunities.
  • Project management; undertaking a sustained major project, time-management and self-reflection skills.

Course sample

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