Open Foundations – Drawing for Textile Art, Design and Fashion

Approx. Duration: 12 months at 8hrs/week


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The Open College of the Arts is the distance learning college of the University for the Creative Arts – one of the UK’s leading specialist art and design universities.

This course is designed as an introduction to drawing for textiles and contemporary drawing practice more broadly. You will be introduced to
expressive, gestural methods alongside more traditional, representational approaches, in order to provide you with a broad visual vocabulary of techniques. The course authors hope to encourage an experimental curiosity and an open-minded playfulness in your approach to drawing, grounded by a solid base of skills and theoretical knowledge.


  • A1 : Introduce a range of media, techniques and approaches relevant to
    drawing practice.
  • A2 : Develop the required observational and motor skills used in drawing.
  • A3 : Encourage an experimental approach in order to develop your own
    creative path.
  • A4 : See your work in the broader context of contemporary practice.


  • LO1 : Demonstrate a greater understanding of the possibilities of drawing, be
    able to demonstrate more mastery of drawing media and materials and
    show an improved ability in looking at and interpreting what you see.
  • LO2 : Gain an understanding of where drawing sits in the wider creative
    process, display an awareness of contemporary approaches to drawing.
  • LO3 : Have more confidence in your potential as an artist, designer or maker
    by showing inventiveness and creativity.
  • LO4 : Be in a better position to decide on the nature and direction of your
    future studies.