Sculpture Courses

These open courses introduce you to three-dimensional art and help develop your independence as a sculptor.

Level 1 (HE4)

Level 2 (HE5)

The Open course at level one develops your understanding of the techniques and skills of sculpture; introduces the use of construction techniques involving a variety of media and tools; develops your basic skills in drawing to accumulate and refine ideas and develop your ability to think in the round; and look at and learn from the work of other sculptors. At level two you will work on construction reliefs, stacked construction, modelling in clay and plaster, casting and carving. The projects are more open-ended at this level and invite you to be more ambitious both in scale and in composition, progressively calling on you to choose your projects and the way you go about them, developing an increasing independence and self-reliance as a sculptor. You will acquire a broader appreciation of new materials, the history of sculpture, and the debate between figuration and abstraction. At level three you plan your entire programme of study around your specific interests and requirements through a series of related and progressive projects as you continue to find your voice as a sculptor.

Student work uncovered: John Robertson

Sculpture tutor and assessor Jim Unsworth talks about the work of Sculpture 2 student John Robertson.