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Printmaking 2: Developing your Style

Course Level: 2 (HE5) | HE Credits: 60 | Approx. Duration: 15 months at 10hrs/week


This printmaking course builds on your experience in Printmaking 1: Introduction to Printmaking, and gives you an opportunity to select and develop your own subject matter for printmaking. The course introduces new techniques and printmaking media that further extend your scope for creative expression. To study this course you’ll already know basic relief printmaking techniques, including how to do a monoprint, linocut, collotype (sometimes called collograph) and woodcut. The unit will allow you to focus on particular techniques you enjoy, while encouraging you to practice less familiar techniques. The course includes projects focusing on landscape, portraiture, and creating abstract prints, as well as a project based on your imagination. The technique of chiaroscuro is also introduced.

You will write a study of a printmaker, looking at their work in detail, in order to inform your own work. Finally you are asked to emulate this printmaker’s work in a piece of your own.


The course aims to:

  • A1 enable you to extend and develop a range of visual ideas and means of expression in printmaking.
  • A2 extend printmaking opportunities and experience to include new media and surface effects, scale and finish, incorporating printmaking attitudes and technologies of 21st century.
  • A3 further develop a unique visual language in printmaking incorporating theory, experience and practice.
  • A4 increase knowledge, exposure to and analysis of printmakers and the history of printmaking and reflect this in your work.


On successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • LO1 demonstrate the ability to express a broad range of visual ideas in printmaking (A1)
  • LO2 experiment with a diverse range of techniques and processes to create unusual effects (A2)
  • LO3 demonstrate a developing personal language, expressing theory, experience and practice in your work (A3)
  • LO4 critically review a printmaking work/development or a printmaking artist from the history of printmaking and synthesise this learning in your work (A4)

Course content

  • Study of the history of printmaking
  • Design & technical processes
  • Creation of your own prints including portraits, prints from memory, landscape and abstract prints.