Printmaking courses

Open courses in printmaking give you an opportunity to gain experience in printmaking and explore different printmaking techniques and media including monoprint, relief printing, woodcut and collatype printmaking.

Level 1 (HE4)

Level 2 (HE5)

Open courses in printmaking

The Open courses are designed so that it is possible to do printmaking from home.  It’s helpful but not essential to have a printing press in the early stages, though the more advanced your studies the more advisable it is to gain access to a press. These courses give you an opportunity to gain experience in printmaking and explore different printmaking techniques and media.  These include monoprint, relief printing, woodcut and collotype printmaking. OCA printmaking Open courses will provide you with an in-depth education in the creative and practical knowledge of printmaking. You should have an interest in drawing and collage as well as traditional print. You are encouraged to experiment with landscape and figure prints as well as abstract designs. These printmaking courses also introduce and build awareness of the work of historic and contemporary printmakers and the history of printmaking.  They also develop your own visual ideas and means of expression. An essential component of all three printmaking courses is research and reflection, noted in your learning log or online blog. The level one and two of the Open courses in printmaking are designed so that you do not need access to a printing press. At level three, if you choose to continue to study to this level, you are expected to make use of a press.
Design, composition and colour projects are designed to extend your ideas into printed images at level one. Exploration and experimentation of printmaking media and techniques further extend creative developments at level two. At level three you will continue to define your personal visual language, critical understanding in research, showing inventiveness. Your practice should synthesise your practical and conceptual abilities. You are expected to consider your future practice, audience and the context of your work in contemporary practice.

Student work uncovered: Janet Gomes

OCA tutor and assessor Doug Burton looks at the work of printmaking student Janet Gomes.

I started studying for the Creative Arts degree in 2010, while I was living in Beijing, and I'm about to graduate in 2015. OCA allowed me to continue to work full time and study towards a degree from the other side of the world. I don't think there is another arts education institution that is so flexible and at the same time so professional. My work has deepened through the use of themes, concepts and research, and I have moved away from painting what I see to creating work that expresses what I see beneath and beyond. I'm coming out of this process with a real understanding of what contemporary art is, and how to create a meaningful portfolio.

Carol Smith, Printmaking