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Creative Writing 3 A: Retrospect & Prospect

Course Level: 3 (HE6) | HE Credits: 60 | Approx. Duration: 15 months at 10hrs/week


This Open course is due to be updated in 2018.

Retrospect & Prospect is the first of two new advanced Open courses in creative writing. Retrospect & Prospect assumes and fosters a high degree of literary ability and independence in the writers taking it. It’s designed not as a step-by-step approach with everyone progressing through exactly the same set of topics, exercises, and assignments. Instead, it provides a flexible scaffolding that will help support and develop whatever specific writing project each individual student wishes to develop. Retrospect & Prospect follows a mentoring model. This means that individual students, in discussion with their tutors, are responsible for designing the pathway they wish to plot through the course. As well as generating their own writing, students undertake an extended research project on a subject of their choice culminating in a 3,500 word essay or critical review.


The aims of the course are to:

  • A1 develop the ability to produce substantial independent creative work
  • A2 develop advanced research and organisational skills
  • A3 develop skills of self-criticism and ability to reflect on and respond to advice with discernment
  • A4 support you to identify and analyse the work of other writers working in your chosen genre


On successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • LO1 Organise the research, preparation and production of an extended body of creative writing, showing an understanding of the form (A1)
  • LO2 Organise materials and plan realistic schedules for writing and redrafting (A2)
  • LO3 Reflect critically on drafts and edit your own work in relation to responses to it (A3)
  • LO4 Demonstrate an understanding of the structure, form, historical context and technical challenges of your chosen genre, as revealed by other writers (A4)