What is creative education?

Do artistic practice and teaching share a common language? Can creative approaches span both spaces?

What is the difference between creative education and education that is creative? Is there a difference?

Led by Helen Rousseau and Caroline Wright, this course will help you to answer these questions. Explore the relationship and interaction between teaching and creativity, education and artistic practice.

What does the classroom provide to the artist?

Not just a source of rich visual material, but a place to begin visual research through art?

Within this you will explore what makes a creative learning environment and how you might create that as both teacher and artist.

Drawing on case studies by artists and teachers working in the field you will explore creative possibilities. Lecturers in Creative Education at the University for the Creative Arts will provide their perspectives, helping you to shape yours.


A creative education personal journey

This course will take you on a journey, discussing and dissecting theories and practices with your peers. Use a personal journal to reflect on your learning journey; you can then take you what you have learnt and apply it to your own experiences.

By learning from each other you can appreciate different approaches and how they might work in different contexts. By learning how specific techniques work, you can adapt your own practice and develop as an artist and teacher.

There is something here for everyone, as an artist, teacher, teaching assistant, gallery/museum educator, student or anything else in between. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience to join the course.

This course is Continuous Professional Development accredited, so you can develop yourself whilst studying. Apply your learning to your work and research.

Explore the opportunities that creative approaches within learning and teaching can offer, have a look below, and join us today.

“The CE course has had a much wider impact on my teaching and creative practice than I expected, subtly shifting my ways of understanding both my own learning habits as well as thinking more consciously about the learning habits of my students.”

Vicky, On Creative Education

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