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Fine Art

Book Review:Looking at Art

By | Education, Fine Art

‘Looking at Art’ is a rich resource for any maker or viewer of art. What I like about it is that it doesn’t talk down to its readership and doesn’t offer ‘answers’ or approved ways to look at art but rather an approach to looking. This equates to a kind of tool kit that can be used to help manage any encounter with contemporary art.

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Matthew Bristow

By | Fine Art, Student Work

Already showing signs of independence and risk taking student Matthew Bristol tried something different for his assignment 2 piece all the while and very importantly using his research to underpin the work he created.

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What lies beneath

By | Fine Art, Galleries

Having moved to London a year ago, I am still revelling in the opportunity to compare and contrast a huge number of exhibitions that are available in the capital. For example, last weekend I accompanied an OCA group on a study day to the Hoyland exhibition at the Damien Hirst Gallery and the Auerbach at Tate Britain. This week I was reminded of our visit when I was looking at one of the permanent displays, Making Traces, at Tate Modern.

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Agnes Martin:Gabriel

By | Fine Art

I had a slightly bizarre experience last night courtesy of the artist’s rooms research project. The evening was billed as an evening with Agnes Martin and as she died in 2004 I already suspected an idiosyncratic approach to the delivery…

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OCA Foundations course news

By | Education, Fine Art, Photography, Textiles

OCA are pleased to announce a new pilot scheme for our Foundations students. As an alternative to assessment students are invited to submit a body of work to OCA Headquarters to receive admissions advice from course support advisers, Joanne and Eddie.

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On seeing for yourself….

By | Fine Art

Looking at artwork is inspirational – it helps to direct the personal creative journey. As much as reading great literature helps to improve literacy, style and to reflect on human nature, passion and emotions. One can learn substantially technically from…

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Devils in the detail

By | Fine Art, Galleries

Many local authority collections have a budget for purchasing from local artists, or indeed benefit from donations of work by local artists welcome or not. In Glasgow, which has such an important art scene internationally, the local authority museum has a small but interesting collection of work by Glasgow School of Art graduates which they regularly show with different curatorial slants…

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About the length of a piece of string

By | Education, Film, Fine Art, Music, Photography, Textiles, Visual Communications, Writing

How hard are you supposed to be working? Over the last 3 – 5 years at the Open College of the Arts there has been what could almost be described as a revolution in the proliferation of ways for students to interact with each other, see each other’s work and discuss their courses.

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