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Fine Art

In conversation: Sarah Taylor Silverwood

By | Education, Fine Art, Galleries

I first encountered artist Sarah Taylor Silverwood’s work a couple of years ago when I went to see the Ruskin Prize exhibit in the Millennium gallery in Sheffield. Hers was my favourite piece in the show and I began to follow her websites and lust over her drawings. I asked Sarah if she wouldn’t mind asking some questions for us and she said yes!

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Andrew Howe: In Parallel

By | Education, Fine Art, Galleries, Student Work

Level 3 Creative Arts student Andrew Howe has an exhibition opening this Friday at Participate Contemporary Artspace in Shrewsbury. Andrew is one of OCA’s longstanding students starting almost 12 years ago, this exhibition marks the end of his degree as he brings together his painting and photographic practice.

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Composing and winged horses

By | Creative Writing, Education, Fine Art, Music, Photography, Student Work, Textiles, Visual Communications

As an OCA tutor, one of the most fascinating parts of my job is reading through Learning Logs and seeing how different people approach the various challenges and concepts that the courses present. I have always felt that teaching is a two-way process, and that a good teacher can learn from their students, especially in terms of seeing things from different perspectives.

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Compare and contrast

By | Fine Art, Galleries

In the responses to the post I wrote about in praise of permanent collections it became clear that writing about art is sometimes and issue for students, especially if confronted with complex or difficult works. A better technique is to move towards a consideration of two works rather than one. By looking for similarity and difference between two works, each can reveal something of the other.

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Book Review:101 Things to Learn in Art School

By | Education, Fine Art

Lessons learned in pursuit of art are lessons that pertain to almost everything we experience. Art is not separate from life; it is the very description of the lives we lead. And so, this book is really for everyone who cares about art and the way it enriches our being.

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Karlstad on fire

By | Fine Art, Student Work

OCA student Gwenyth Wilson Rudstrom created a piece of art for the annual Festival of Fire in Karstad, Sweden. The work was based on a photo of the city of Karlstad taken in the days following the great fire of 1865.

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