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Samantha Todd

BA (Hons) Visual Communications

Samantha Todd

OCA’s Visual Communications course has been a life-changing joy – my hopes for spending my evenings more productively have been more than met, and the immersion in research and experimentation have been utterly rewarding at a personal, intellectual and creative level.
On the Urban Sketching workshop tutor study event held the other day, one of the other sketchers commented that to do a degree must take “a lot of discipline” – but it hasn’t, because I have loved it so far. Going to the gym takes discipline, keeping the house takes discipline (for me!) but engaging with this course doesn’t – it’s been a source of enjoyment, challenge and fulfillment. The process of ideas development and problem solving how to communicate something visually has been great to engage with.
They asked how did I start my journey?

I started my OCA journey by writing down key points on what I wanted to get from the course and what inspires me for my learning log. I boiled it down to:

– Being a mother and wanting to share the experience with my son, traditionally creative, taking us away from our mobile phones.
– Being challenged and learning something new, developing my creative skills.
There are people, animals, activities and moments which inspire and energise us. Recreating this feeling of calm and withdrawing from the clutter is one of the many motivations I had to stay on the visual communications course.
As I accomplish my goals and develop through each unit, my motivations change, grow and adapt. The OCA encourages you to explore your own thoughts, and really pinpoint and discover new subjects that you enjoy.